Close With Confidence$497

For Coaches & Online Experts Who Want to
Feel Confident, not Sleazy.

  •  Harnessing the Sales Mindset 
  •  Getting Quality Calls Booked 
  •  Mastering the Sales Conversation 
  •  Overcoming Objections with Heart 
  •  Case Studies & Next Steps

Selling your program shouldn’t feel difficult!

But I’ve seen it time and time again. We get all “up in our heads” about this topic. 

  •  I don’t want to feel sleazy 
  •  What if they say “no” 
  •  I don’t want to be pushy

But here’s the truth… Selling is a service.

You have the power to change lives. Isn’t it your responsibility to tell people about it? And shouldn’t you be compensated for your efforts? After all, you can’t build a business on good intentions alone. Don’t get me wrong. Virtue is great. But virtue can’t pay for your Facebook ads…

It’s time to cast off the shackles of fear and step into the power of confidence.

Happy Clients, Real Results

I used your template and signed up a client at the $2497 price point. We start Thursday!

Gina Fontaine
Fitness | Wellness Coach

Katie! I just made more money than I ever have in one day! I am seriously crying tears of joy because I know for sure, bare minimum, I can pay my bills for the rest of 2020! And I am still going! I am just in shock. So thankful. Don't know what to do with myself. 

June Lucarotti
Birth Your Book Coach | Editor

Your gift of coaching on how to make an offer has been the key to my success. I've been able to serve more people and make a difference on the planet because of your masterful coaching.

Lucia Paxton
Pleasure Instigator

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Grab this step-by-step system to conduct effective market research so that you can craft your irresistible offer using your buyer's language. Hailed as the most effective training for messaging that works, this five-part series will help you figure out what questions to ask (and why), provide guidance for conducting the interviews, a resource guide for tracking their responses, and completely clarify the tech needed to make this whole thing simple and easy.

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